Radiation Protection Glasses

Protective Eyewear

Made by licensed, board-certified opticians to meet standards for optical clarity, visible light transmission, power, and prism correction. All glasses are manufactured in the USA. All styles are backed by a one-year manufacturer's warranty. (Oakley brand glasses have a 2-year warranty.) 

Lense Protection

All our front lenses offer a minimum of 0.75 mm Pb-equivalent protection, attenuating >97% direct beam at 125 kVp. Some styles offer wraparound lenses with additional side protection, and some offer side shields of 0.5 mm Pb-equivalent protection. All glasses come with a protective case and croakie-type adjustable strap.

Plano Eyewear (Non-Prescription)
Plano lenses come standard with an anti-reflective coating. Same-day shipping for all plano glasses if ordered by 3 p.m. EST.

Prescription Eyewear
Many styles are available in single vision, bifocal lenses, and Progressive lenses.

How to order prescription eyewear:

  1. Obtain a signed prescription for eyeglasses. Make sure that your prescription includes Pupillary Distance (PD). Prescription orders without this information cannot be processed.
  2. Send your prescription. Please include a contact name, phone number, Customer PO number, and the name of the person that will wear the eyeglasses.
Place your order via Phone, Fax, Web, or EDI Email: or Fax: 800-437-2966. Please allow 10-20 business day lead time. Prescription eyewear is non-returnable except for manufacturer defects.

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