Protection Dispensers

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Bowman® Respiratory Hygiene Flu Station
Bowman® Respiratory Hygiene Flu Station
Starting at $171.75 
Isolation Station
Isolation Station
Starting at $290.56 
Protection Organizer
Protection Organizer
Starting at $290.00 
Protection Organizer II
Protection Organizer II

Control the spread of infection throughout your facility

Controlling the spread of infectious bacteria and viruses is job one in any facility so keeping personal protection equipment (PPE) handy and accessible for both staff and patient use is critical in the fight against hospital- and community-acquired infections.

For Staff

Bowman® Isolation Protection Systems organize and store an assortment of PPE—from gloves and gowns to face masks and booties—for full staff protection in patient care areas where isolation is required. All are made of a durable ABS plastic with easy-to-stock, open-sided compartments. Many styles feature additional built-in storage compartments and clip-on sign holders to display staff precautions. With Wall-Mountable, Door Hanging, or Countertop styles, these organizers can be conveniently placed just about anywhere for accessible protection whenever—and wherever—your staff needs it.

For Patients

Bowman® Cover Your Cough Compliance Kits organize and store an assortment of tissues, face masks, and hand sanitizing dispensers/holders for patient infection protection in public waiting areas, offices, and lobbies. Durable kits are available in a range of mounting styles, finishes, and dispensing and signage options to best suit your facility.


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