Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness and contingency planning are essential for every organization. Be ready with AliMed's comprehensive line of emergency equipment and supplies.

Emergency products include facility trauma kits, incident command tools, personal first-aid kits, hygiene and infection control supplies, and other useful emergency supplies. To improve any facility’s readiness for emergencies, AliMed's 50-Person Trauma First-Aid Kit is a fully-stocked, extensive trauma first-aid kit. For compact storage and easy carrying, the kit is packed in a large trauma duffle bag with double hand straps and an adjustable shoulder strap. It has a wide-mouth main compartment for easy access to supplies and multiple pockets for easy organization.

For organizations and families, AliMed® also offers a variety of First-Aid Kits that conform to OSHA safety regulations and are fully stocked with healthcare and first-aid supplies. Customers can purchase supplies individually or in bulk, including hygiene supplies, hand sanitizers, sanitary headset covers, steel commodes, environmental toilets, waste treatment kits, and privacy shelters. Infection control supplies include antimicrobial positioners, mats, footrests, and hardware. Also available is a variety of bedding supplies and bedding kits, emergency water pouches and water filter kits.


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