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Fill out this form and receive a FREE custom quote!

Fill out this form and receive a FREE custom quote!

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Step 1 - Select Body Strap Material *

Universal Straps

Conductive Straps

Immobilization Straps

Grey Cotton Duck

Immobilization Straps

Universal Body Cotton Duck

  • Alimed Universal Straps are strong and can accommodate just about any patient strapping job. The length of the strap is double-sided red loop material with blue hook on the ends, so the hook can securley close on any area for either side.
  • Blue (loop) and Red (hook) - Available in 2", 3", 4" and 6" thicknesses that can be customized.
  • Width: 2" or more (1" increments)
  • Length: Up to 150" long
  • Black Conductive Vinyl w/bound seams
  • Easy to wipe down
  • Great to secure arms/wrist to armboard pads
  • Standard size is 4"W but can be customized
  • Width: 5-20" in 1" increments
  • Length: Up to 150" long
  • Radiolucent, Sterilizable grey canvas used in non fluid settings
  • Great for immobilizing during imaging
  • Also available in Black
  • Standard size is 14"W but can be customized
  • Width: 3-20" in 1" increments
  • Length: Up to 150" long
  • Velcro color choices may vary
  • Fits CT, MRI, or surgial tables
  • Soft, washable grey cotton-duck material
  • 5"W and 10"W are standard widths but can be customized
  • One piece for tables without side rails
  • 2 piece for tables with side rails
  • Velcro color choices may vary

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Step 2 - Select Closure Style *

One-Piece Universal One Closure Strap

  • Wraps underneath table and around patient
  • For tables with no side rails

One-Piece Universal Two Closure Strap

  • Wraps around side rails

Two-Piece Universal Three Closure Strap

  • Wraps around side rails with a closure on top and 2 closures on side rails

Step 3 - Select compression pad option *

Available in two sizes:

Step 4 - Measure

A Length *

B Width *

Step 5 - Specify quantity *

Step 6 - Will the strap be used with side rails? *

If So, how far apart are they in inches?

Step 7 - Does your strap require Velcro™?

Step 8 - Additional Components

Does your strap require other unique components such as clips, handles, buckles, etc? If yes, upload a detailed sketch

PDF, JPG, GIF, and PNG formats only; 20MB Maximum file size

Enter Quantity of Additions

Step 9 - Enter contact information

Step 10 - Specify additional product requirements (radiolucency, bacteriostatic, Velcro Strap Color, etc.)

Step 11 - Product application (length of procedure, type of patient, etc.)


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