Safe Patient Handling and Transfer

Fact: Successful Safe Patient Handling protocols yield long-term dividends.1

Protect your staff and your bottom line

Providing your staff with the proper tools is essential to encourage compliance — investment in appropriate equipment can help reduce the risk of injuries, decrease costs associated with worker compensation claims and downtime, and reduce turnover.


AliMed® partners with hospitals, healthcare facilities and health-service providers worldwide to provide safer patient handling and transfer solutions. Consider, too, that patients are getting heavier. The American Nurses Association is pressing for federal laws mandating protective nationwide standards. There’s also a reported need for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to develop standards for nurses and to perform more safety inspections. Our wide selection of patient transfer solutions includes gait belts, transfer belts, patient transfer boards - including Beasy transfer boards - and many other patient transfer devices.


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