Patient Positioners

Developing and delivering positioning products for nearly 50 years and counting

AliMed® and our clinician partners apply extensive research and design to developing specific patient positioning solutions to meet the surgical patients’ needs. All of our patient positioners are made using premium materials with proven efficacy. As the industry leader in patient positioners - we have the right solution for your specific needs.

AliMed® is an industry leader in patient positioning, and has been developing and delivering O.R. and Imaging solutions for nearly 50 years. Our gel and foam positioners work to evenly distribute weight, reduce shear, and improve imaging visualization.

AliMed provides a wide range of products to meet your positioning needs, including our featured AliGel™ gel positioners and specially designed InvisiCoat™ foam positioners. AliGel positioners are trusted products that have been used in the O.R. to reduce shear and help prevent pressure injuries. InvisiCoat’s sleek new curved design was created especially for imaging procedures to reduce witness lines and artifacts with today’s lower kVp technology.

You’ll find a comprehensive selection of gel and foam patient positioning products, along with sandbags, bean bags, and other specialty positioners. AliMed also offers custom positioners to meet your unique needs. If a custom solution is necessary, simply visit AliMed Custom Products to electronically place your order. AliMed is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and will ensure that you have the products you need when you need them.

Find the Right Patient Positioner:

To assist with infection prevention, we offer disposable foam positioner kits and a wide array of reusable foam positioners with antimicrobial Protecta-Coat™ coating.

Our gel patient positioners include AliGel™, AliLite™, and Azure. AliGel positioners are the gold standard in positioning. AliLite positioners are our lightest gel positioners. Azure positioners are our premium positioners ideal for long O.R. procedures.


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