Diagnostic Imaging

AliMed understands the demands of medical imaging in today's fast-moving healthcare market. Our broad selection of medical imaging products provides you the products you need when you need them.  Optimize patient care with top-quality medical imaging equipment for radiography, fluoroscopy, angiography, mammography, CT scan, CAT scan, ultrasound, and MRI.

To optimize patient position and minimize movement during imaging, patient positioners, immobilizers, and straps offer unique quality and value. Protecta-Coat™ multipurpose positioners provide comfortable body-molding support and an impenetrable, seamless antimicrobial coating that prevents fluid absorption. Protecta-Coat™ saves radiology departments money because it lasts for the life of the positioner and can be used over and over. For other needs, AliMed offers uncovered polyfoam positioners for reduced risks of artifacts and vinyl covered positioners that can be wiped clean.

AliStrap™ is an incredibly useful positioning strap that effectively reduces patient movement during imaging. It has strong hook-and-loop closures and can be cut to any length to fit any patient. The edges of AliStrap™ are flexible and yielding to be skin-safe—unlike other products with stiff edges that can cause shear and patient discomfort. AliMed® also offers a single-use strap that makes cleanup easy and helps prevent cross-contamination and a heavy-duty, extra-wide immobilization strap to fit larger patients.

To meet the particular needs of diagnostic imaging, AliMed’s Imaging Surfaces accommodate narrow spaces and redistribute pressure. The types of foam available are standard polyfoam with vinyl cover, T-Foam™ (memory foam) with anti-shear, elastic cover, and closed-cell foam with seamless, easy-to-clean vinyl coating. Products are available in popular models or custom made to requested specifications.


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