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Which apron style is right for you?

AliMed offers 9 styles of Radiation Protection Aprons

Choose the best style to meet your needs

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Front Protection

Front/Back Protection

Quick Drop Basic Quick Drop Adjustable Weight Reliever Flex Weight Reliever Back Aid Tie Coat Vest and Kilt Vest and Kilt Reverse Vest and Kilt Vest and Kilt
Quick Drop Basic Quick Drop Adjustable Weight Reliever Flex Weight Reliever Back Aid Tie Coat Vest and/or Kilt Reverse Vest and/or Kilt

For those who need to remove an apron during surgery without breaking the sterile field.

Quick Drop Basic Apron

Drops away during surgery by releasing two points—without breaking the sterile field.

Quick Drop Adjustable Apron

Similar to Quick Drop Basic, with the addition of hook-and-loop straps at the shoulders to improve fit in axillary area. Elasticized back for better fit!

For those who need a front-protection apron with no drop-away feature.

Weight Reliever Apron

Weight is evenly distributed by adjustable hook-and-loop straps that cross in back.

Flex Weight Reliever Apron

Similar to Weight Reliever, plus an elasticized back and shoulder strap for a closer fit.

Back Aid Apron

6”W Back-Saver Belt transfers weight from shoulders to hips. Hook-and-loop shoulder strap for snug fit.

Tie Apron

Our most economical apron. 1” tie straps and shoulder straps keep apron in place.

For those who circulate or will have their back to the radiation source.

Coat Apron

Our one-piece front/back protection apron. Comes standard with 6”W Back-Saver Belt to keep weight off shoulders.

Vest/Kilt Apron

Two-piece apron that splits the weight between shoulders and hips. Two Vest styles available:

  • Standard Vest
  • Reverse Vest

Selected Apron Style You have selected the Apron. Change This Selection

Select your apron weight: *

Which weight is right for you (see our apron weight chart)

Note: All apron weights offer full 0.5mm Pb equivalent front protection!

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Kilt * and/or Vest
Standard Lead
11.3 lbs.*
100% lead

Our standard-weight lead is the most traditional and economical option and best for shorter procedures.

Lightweight Lead
8.8 lbs.*
Lead-based alloy

Up to 14% lighter than
standard lead*

Same protection as standard lead at a lighter weight. Good for short- to medium-length procedures.

8.0 lbs.*
Antimony-based alloy

Up to 20% lighter than standard lead*

Lead-free but offers the same protection as lead aprons. No special disposal required. Best for long procedures.

Ultralight Lead-Free
7.2 lbs.*
100% antimony

Up to 37% lighter than
standard lead*

World's lightest
full-protection apron!

Contains no lead but offers the same protection as lead aprons. Requires no special disposal. Good for medium-length to long procedures.

*Based on Large Front Protection Apron

Choose from over 400+ colors!

Click here to select your color and pattern choice or enter the swatch # and name below.
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Select your size: *

Available in Standard Sizes or Perfect Fit™ (custom made to your measurements to find that "just right" size).

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Select a weight
Perfect Fit Sizing Information
Select a weight
Chest Measurement *
Waist Measurement *
Length *
Kilt Length *
Hip Measurement *

Add a Thyroid Shield - matched to your apron color/pattern:


Add an Unattached or Attached Thyroid Shield - The shield is matched to your apron color/pattern and attached shields are sewn to the collar of the apron on a webbing strap so they never get lost!

Unattached * or Attached

Add Custom Thyroid Shield Monogramming:

Line 1 (10 characters max) *

Add Custom Monogramming:

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Additional Notes/Information

Please enter any specific special order selections including adding sleeves to radiation coats/vests, embroidery symbols and monogram thread colors:

* Denotes a required field

Sales are not final until approved by AliMed.

Note: Personalized and Perfect Fit Aprons and Thyroid Shields are Not Returnable.


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