If you work with bariatric patients you need specialized equipment to provide quality care and avoid serious safety risks to yourself and your patients. AliMed offers a full range of right-sized, high-capacity solutions for even the largest patients. To offer the ultimate durability and stability, our products are constructed of sturdy materials and reinforced frames to accommodate high-weight-capacity needs.

AliMed’s bariatric solutions facilitate safe handling and quality care for larger patients and reduce safety risks to both patients and staff.

AliMed's bathroom and bathing equipment help ensure the safety and comfort of your plus-sized and obese patients. Wall-mounted toilet seats and risers handle higher weight capacities and make it easier for overweight patients to get up from the toilet.

To accommodate both weight and size, all of our bariatric-rated seating options are extra-roomy as well as durable. Our facility seating and mobility solutions offer exceptional design comfort and skin protection to reduce pressure sores and ulceration risk. We offer wheelchair cushions made with shear-reducing gel or pressure-reducing memory foam that will support heavy weights. In addition, our self-care aids are specially designed to increase independence for bariatric patients.


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