AliMed's wide selection of high-quality ADL's (Activities of Daily Living) products help promote patient independence. Get just the right products to assist with dining, bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, homemaking, and leisure.

AliMed makes it easy to find some of the ADL's needed for the most common patient conditions by combining them into ADL Kits so you can get the best products at the best price:

For savings on three ADL bathing and dressing basics in one convenient purchase, choose AliMed's ADL Kit. The ADL Kit includes a 26" lightweight reacher, a shoehorn and a long-handled scrubbing sponge to assist anyone with limited reach or mobility.

For patients recovering from hip surgery, AliMed offers a great selection of Hip Kits including the items most often recommended by therapists to help with independent dressing. Sized to fit multiple heights and patient needs, these high-quality Hip Kits contain a reacher, a dressing stick, a long-handled scrubbing sponge, a shoehorn, a sock aid and special shoelaces.

Shop all AliMed Hip Kits, and other AliMed ADL Kits include a Stroke Kit and a Stroke Dressing Kit for patients recovering from strokes.

AliMed's Bathing ADL aids include a line of no-rinse bathing products, long-handled foam scrubbing sponges and more products to make shampooing and showering easier. Patients with limited dexterity and reach can also find easy-to-use toilet hygiene aids to assist with various dental, grooming, washing tasks and more. AliMed's bariatric bed pan is the right solution for any patient who needs a bed pan as it has a wider, stronger, low-profile design that makes it easier and safer to use than other standard bed pans.

For patients who need help with dressing, AliMed offers an array of dressing aids. To easily pull on socks or stockings without assistance, choose sock aids and stocking aids. Customers can also find shoe-donning aids and several alternatives to traditional shoelaces. Other grooming and dressing aids include button hooks, zipper pulls, extra-long toenail scissors, long-handled brushes and combs and one-handed denture brushes.


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